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Our Programmes

Economic justice is the core programme of BEACON and has various elements that include creation of awareness, information, research and advocacy.
Under Economic Justice programme, there are several projects namely

Food and Livelihood Security Project

    This is the project through which BEACON works with small scale farmers and farmers groups to increase capacity and awareness on policy regimes within the East and Horn of Africa Region with a view to enhance agricultural production and promote policy frameworks that are local farmer- centered and which promote their interests towards food security.


    Passion for environmental Conservation, a walk through the dense Kakamega Forest reminds program participants of the good old days before climate change ‘visited’ them. This cool forest makes one feel, “ Yeah!, this is it!. Many farmers taking part in BEACONS project activities now realize the importance of environmental conservation and have each started tree planting as part of their farming activities.

    BEACON enhances farmers’ capacity in food production through promotion of crop diversification, community based seed bulking and multiplication and climate change mitigation. Farmers like Mzee Ali here in the photo is glad to show and share the strides he has made being part of the project participants.

    Putting food security and safety in the hands of the local producers and consumers themselves. Here. A program participant, Patrick, shows the benefits of being part of the BEACON Network.

    Reaching millions through the local Fm Radio stations in Western Kenya, BEACON team and a program participant, during a live Radio presentation on food security and climate change in May 2011.

    Coffee Advocay Project

    This project seeks to address trade injustices within the coffee sector especially in Kenya where the ordinary coffee farmer does not reap from his produce because of the many middle men involved

    Passion for the crop. The Chairman of the newly established Kenya Small Coffee Growers’ Association, Mr. Mwangi, speaks to a gathering of small scale coffee farmers on the bright future he sees for the crop, in Eastern Province of Kenya during a May 2011 membership recruitment drive. The association continues to provide a strong voice for the originally poor and neglected small scale coffee farmers who have been exploited through crowded market chains and corruption among institutions charged with the responsibility of serving them. Reforms being realized in the coffee sector has increased their crop prices by margins of upto 100% and beyond with bright hopes a head.

    EPAs Project

    This programme seeks to achieve three objectives:

    •  Enhanced participation in human rights and governance through capacity building
    • Promotion of good governance and human rights by information sharing; and 
    • Advocacy targeting state actors and institutions.

    Public Resource Accountability

    This project seeks to enhance the awareness of different actors on the national budget processes and how they can actively and constructively participate in the process with a view to making sure that the budget priorities being set reflect the priorities of wider population and that the budgets on these priorities are utilized on the intended sector in order to make poverty history

    Participants drawn from from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Ethiopia, at the recently concluded Regional Budget Analysis and Literacy Training of Trainers held at Lush Garden Hotel in Arusha between 14th and 16th June 2011. BEACON continues to empower communities to hold public servants accountable in the administration and management of public resources. Citizen participation in the choice and priority of projects aimed at serving them is key in this process.

    Making the training more participatory, participants being taken through a presentation by one of the groups after a group work assignment by the facilitating team.

      Develop and strengthen skills to discern the relationship between faith, theology, political and economic practices that oppress, exploit, control, dehumanise and dispossess people.

      Undertake a re-examination of the spiritual and moral underpinnings that currently underlie the principal approaches to policy development relating to the social, economic and human development at various levels.

      The programme aims through working with faith-based and other civil society organisations to support BEACON members and others to mediate, facilitate and promote peace within their respective constituencies in the region as a whole.

      The situation of HIVand AIDS has worsened in all the countries in the region over the last decades or so. BEACON believes that given the scale of the epidemic in the region, it is no longer simply a health issue but a development crisis. BEACON aims to mainstream gender in all its activities. Using this unifying approach will enable communities to forge a way forward in influencing policies that govern the economies of their respective countries

      The purpose of the policy research and analysis programme is to carry out research to identify gaps and possible interventions in economic policies and to enhance the participation of the public in policy processes including the budget process, policy monitoring with focus on Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) at national and constituency levels by availing information through research.


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