Our Programmes

Economic Justice

Economic justice is the core programme of BEACON and has various elements that include creation of awareness, information, research and advocacy.
Under Economic Justice programme, there are several projects namely

Good Governance and Human Rights

This programme seeks to: Enhance participation in human rights and governance through capacity building; Promote of good governance and human rights by information sharing; and Advocacy targeting state actors and institutions.

Peace Building and Reconciliation

The programme aims through working with faith-based and other civil society organisations to support BEACON members and others to mediate, facilitate and promote peace within their respective constituencies in the region as a whole.

Policy Research and Analysis

The purpose of the policy research and analysis programme is to carry out research to identify gaps and possible interventions in economic policies and to enhance the participation of the public in policy processes including the budget process, policy monitoring with focus on Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) at national and constituency levels by availing information through research.

HIV-AIDS and Gender Mainstreaming

The situation of HIVand AIDS has worsened in all the countries in the region over the last decades or so. BEACON believes that given the scale of the epidemic in the region, it is no longer simply a health issue but a development crisis. 

Bible Pedagogy

Develop and strengthen skills to discern the relationship between faith, theology, political and economic practices that oppress, exploit, control, dehumanise and dispossess people.