Who We Are

“Come Let Us Reason Together” – Isaiah 1:18 


A just, peaceful, sustainable and God fearing society


To empower churches, church organizations and NGOs to effectively engage in areas of economic justice, governance and natural resources management through research, networking and advocacy

Our Target Group

  • Churches
  • Church based organization
  • NGOs
  • Communities
  • Local institutions


1. God fearing: We aspire to integrate Biblical principles in our work through identifying with the vulnerable and challenging the unjust systems that affect the vulnerable communities.

2. Transparency and accountability: We serve as stewards for the resources entrusted to us our partners and we use the resources for the purpose given. We are open in our dealings to our network members, donors and governments

3. Collective participation and inclusiveness: We practice and champion inclusiveness in our work.  We honour diverse strengths, voices and backgrounds in our work.

4. Integrity: We are stewards of the resources entrusted to us

5. Human dignity:  We strive to uphold human dignity of every person we reach with our work

6. Equity and fairness: We strive for equity and focus on the structural issues that affect the vulnerable communities in our work.


  • Networking
  • Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Capacity Building and Partnership Development
  • Dialogue
  • Policy Research and Analysis